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Updated 21-11-2016 A large-scale lender based in Louisiana area that has been on the payday loan business for 11 years. Among the benefits offered to consumers, this lender promises a fast loan approval that’s often completed same-day for Louisiana locals for loans within $350. The lender also does not need any extensive bank documents for loan amounts up to $2500. To be eligible for their services, you should make a checking account and currently have a job that pays you over $1500 per monthly basis.


This payday lender is based online and grants payday loans that surpass the amount of $350 to Louisiana residents, based on a set of criteria/requirements. For example, among the requirements is that the consumer must make over 200$ a month and have an active checking account. The submission of a loan request takes just 5 minutes through their website and they also offer next day payments whenever applicable. is probably the biggest lender company in the United States. This lender has been granting Louisiana consumers direct payday loan and direct installment loans for several years. It also offers a hassle-free application system online that grants same-day loans (in some cases). The maximum loan amount for Louisiana consumers is $350 and payoff period takes 7-35 days. is a multi-network lender with almost 110 branches operating in the state of Louisiana. Like the rest online lenders, the lender offers a hassle-free and fast application system that grants loans same-day with a direct cash benefit. Loan amounts issued are up to $350 for Louisiana consumers and a minimum period of repayment of 3 weeks.


Another lender that’s offers Louisiana residents the capability to submit their loan request through their website with same-day approvals (in some cases loan approvals can take 24 hours) that cover the amounts of $200-$350. The lender also states in their website that they don’t check consumer’s credit, even if it’s not favorable. The company is also a permanent member of the Online Lending Alliance. is a new lender that currently operates in 30 branches spread throughout the state of Louisiana and online. The loans offers cover amounts of up to $350 with a payoff period of 50 days for payday loans and up to $4000/7 months payoff period for term and installment loans. They also seem to offer payday loan renewals provided they are made 3 days in advance from the date due. is a lending company with over 12 years of experience in offering loans to Louisiana residents. They are also able to offer a fast, hassle-free online application process with the possibility of getting approved within 24 hours. They also boast of possessing the best approval rates, provided you fit the basic criteria like being employed, having an active checking account, and submitting a direct deposit. The loan amounts offered currently by this lender are up to $350.

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